Seven Random Facts/Habits About Me

I was tagged by Silver Valley Girl to do this meme. I am a bit behind tonight and am trying to organize myself for a community clean-up at school tomorrow ( let’s see… leather gloves, sunscreen, shoes for my student that only owns flip flops and they are not allowed, and a hat), and trying to get the makings for a Mother’s Day dinner packed up to take with me tomorrow to Kellogg. I also need to create a list of plants I may still need just in case Mom and I decide we need a garden center fix. I won't be able to tag people, so If you want to participate in this meme, get the rules and info here.
The Seven Random Facts/ Habits About Me
1. I love to read books that are in a series. I go all the way back to the beginning and I love to see how the writer develops the plots and characters as the books move through the series. I hate picking up in the middle. I think this started when I read through the Happy Hollisters, Nancy Drew mysteries, and some Hardy Boys as a child. I have traveled through The Mitford series by Jan Karon, the Harry Bosch detective series by Michael Connelly, and the Stone Gap series by Adriana Trigiani just to name a few.

2. I hate hot (as in spicy) food and get a weird reaction to raw onions. This seemed to have come on in more recent years. I can’t even have some of those hot peppers in the room! I go overboard with the crying thing with onions.

3. Since I finished college with a degree in teaching from the University of Idaho in 1977 I have taught school and sometimes also gone back to school every year since. I have worked with students from kindergarten to graduate level. My favorite thing to teach is writing, especially with adults. After twenty-nine years I still look forward to teaching and learning each day.

4. I love to go camping, but my idea of a perfect get-away spot is one that is far from crowds, away from bodies of water with loud boats, and isn't blistering hot. I like a cool spot in the trees by a creek with the birds singing.

5. I don’t own fifty pair of flip flops in every color and design. They are not comfortable for me to wear. I am also concerned that some student will accidentally drop his fifty pound backpack on my toe or my foot will be left in the door when it is lunch time. I have one plain pair of black ones for when I go to a body of water.

6. One thing I always carry with me is my Book Lover’s Diary. It is filled with titles I have heard about, books I have read, authors I want to explore,and recommendations from friends. Actually I am on my second one. I spend hours in bookstores, but it gives me some guidance!

7. I love to learn more about our beautiful Inland Northwest. We do road trips around eastern Washington and northern Idaho and visit local cafes, feed stores, drugstores, and hardware stores. We also try to learn about the history of that area. We are blessed to live in such a scenic, historical part of the Pacific Northwest.

That is it about me. Now I better get back to my "love to do" list. Please feel free to pass this on to others.

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  1. I love to read books in a series also. I have read tons of series books by Christian authors. . . some while staying at my Dad's in the summertime. The Pinehurst Public Library actually had quite a few Jeannette Oke some years ago. My favorite Christian authors are Brock and Bodie Thoene (Tay-nee). I loved their series on WWII. They did one based in Europe, one in Palestine, one in the US, then tied all the main characters together in one book. Some of the books were not as interesting as others, but I got caught up in the lives of some of the characters, and couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

    When you said you had been teaching 29 years, I was thinking. . .that can't be possible. 1977 wasn't that long ago. . .Oh, yea, it. . .was.

    So much for keeping this short.

    I got tired reading about your "to do" list for the weekend. You must have amazing energy!


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