Finally, Roses!

Before I moved to my present house I never grew roses. I thought they were complicated, high maintenance flowers. I also believed I would have to use sprays and other toxic things. Now I have studied roses and realized there are a few key things to consider. One is the location of where they grow in your garden. They need lots of sun! Another is the type of roses to purchase for your zone.Winterizing them is another crucial part of their growing success. These are roses which are hardy and get lots of early sun which is why we are seeing blooms so early. The one at the top and above is a William Baffin. It is a climbing shrub rose which comes from Canada and is well-known for being winter hardy, disease resistant, and a repeat bloomer. Those are the words I like to read about a rose. The second rose is a Betty Prior which is a florabunda with the same characteristics. Other favorite hardy shrub and florabunda roses I recommend are John Cabot, Nearly Wild, and Lemon Zest. My mom has been happy with the hardy Fairy Rose and is trying the Rainbow Knock-Out rose this year.
a close-up of the Betty Prior blossoms


  1. I can't wait for my roses. The peonies are about to burst open any day now. The lupines are looking beautiful. The hollyhocks are quickly taking over the whole garden.

  2. I'm always in a hurry for my lavender as well. Do you think yours will be blooming by the end of June? Only my hybrids are blooming now. My friend has a lavender farm in Waitsburg and she is a good month behind me in blooming --- it's just that much cooler there. I'm enjoying your blog!


  3. Just love your roses - I'd like to put some in once my "landscaping" is done, but I'm never quite sure which ones to use -- I will be sure to put away the names that you mentioned. Your photos are fabulous as always -- I just love your blog!!

  4. Enjoyed reading your blog. So much sounds familiar. I lived in Kellogg for years - was raised in Cd'A - and now live in the foothills of Mt. Spokane. You live in some beautiful country!!

  5. Beautiful flowers! My roses don't usually bloom until late June. . .and reach their bloomin' frenzy until late July when I am usually on vacation!

    I am tagging you - but making the Meme optional. See my site for info.

  6. I love Roses! (Go fig, it's my name :) But, I've never tried growing them. Maybe one day...

  7. Your roses are beautiful. Are they mostly florabundas? They look a little different than mine -- more open in bloom. Most of mine are hybrid tea roses.

    Beautiful pictures!


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