Brunch on Tuesday

Before I host any special event I drive myself crazy during the preparation time. I have this desire to have things just right. During any pre-event frenzy I run through a mental checklist of questions carefully. Do plates match napkins? Are flowers picked for the table? Are coffee beans fresh? Do we have ingredients for favorite recipes on hand?

One Sunday night I was going through my getting ready for bed ritual. JEJ was already reading a new book in bed as I was turning off lights, checking doors, and filling dog water dishes. My eye caught the church bulletin from the morning service on the kitchen table. I missed church earlier that day staying home in hopes of getting caught up, knowing I would be leaving Monday for another week teaching away from home. I wanted to catch up on church news so I flipped on the stove light to skim the contents before going to bed. An announcement on the second page caught my attention instantly.
“Tuesday prayer meeting at JEJ's house…. brunch potluck to follow.”

I stopped breathing. My anxiety level hit the ceiling. I rushed to the bedroom door in an attempt to learn more about this unscheduled social event from my husband. I tried breathing again, that deep kind, the breathing that is supposed to calm you down.

“Sweetheart…when were you going to tell me that a prayer meeting and brunch were going to be held here on Tuesday? I won’t be here Tuesday. We aren’t ready to do brunch on Tuesday. I don’t even have coffee beans or paper plates in the house!” As I sputtered out my words the volume and pitch of my voice bordered on hysteria.

Looking up from his book calmly JEJ peered over his reading glasses as I stood in the doorway still finding it difficult to breathe.
“I was not going to tell you dear. Since you weren’t going to be here I thought I would just take care of things myself,” he explained.

“Just take care of things? Have you ever done a brunch? Do you know where to find vases, serving trays, pitchers, all the stuff?”
“It will be fine. We will just sit outside and other people are bringing the food.”
“Outside,” I groaned, “The tablecloth is dirty, the flowers haven’t been deadheaded, the weeds…..”
“My dear, it is a prayer meeting. I’ll just have them close their eyes.”

Recipe for Overnight Breakfast Casserole

( or breakfast casserole that can sit in the frig until Tuesday brunch!)
8 slices sourdough bread
6 eggs
1 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
2 cups milk
1 teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon pepper
(Optional: add 16 oz. of cooked and drained pork sausage, chopped, cooked ham, or cooked bacon)
You can also add ½ cup sautéed onion or celery

Spray 9x13 baking dish with a non-stick cooking spray. Trim crusts from bread, tear slices and place bread on the bottom of the dish. If using meat, spoon over bread. Sprinkle with cheese. Whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl until blended. Pour over prepared layers; do not stir. Cover and place dish in refrigerator overnight or for at least five hours. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes until set. 6 servings


  1. PERFECT!!! Lord, this is funny. The portrayal of JEJ is so right on the mark. LOL!

  2. I was "freaking out" right along with you! I can see my husband saying the same kind of thing, and I'm thinking. . .but. . .
    but. . .but - and knowing that he will do it without the stress & everything will turn out okay. (Not my way, but his way.)

    Makes me wonder why I go through all the trouble sometimes, when I could just "punt" and enjoy it.

  3. I feel your panic! And I think you have a very sweet husband! Interesting, how men calmly place the value of things and experiences in a different place than women do.

    :) LaTeaDah

  4. Yes RP, this is him to a tee. Pinehurst-I think I am trying to work on my punting.
    la tea dah- do you think they got an extra calm gene that we didn't get? LOL
    thanks for the comments all.

  5. Oh I've heard this sweet, silly male logic before myself! Glad you persevered and were able to see the good-ness.
    I love this recipe too. . .brings back memories.

  6. It took awhile to see goodness or humor in this. Now it is a story told often with goodness and humor!

  7. “My dear, it is a prayer meeting. I’ll just have them close their eyes.”

    I love it. Although it kills me to admit it, people really don't notice when everything isn't just perfect. Or they notice when it is perfect, and then feel insecure, thinking they have to measure up.

  8. Oh my dear -- we are SOOO cut from the same cloth!! I can worry myself into such a tizzy over the details, details, details -- and really, who notices whether things are perfect? I know that I don't when I am the visitor, but when I am the hostess, that sense of insecurity always rears it's ugly head -- I'm much more hard on myself than my company could ever be.


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