Violets, Mom, and the Book of Ruth

A writing friend of mine was willing to share a piece she'd written at our retreat last week-end for my blog. Each person wrote a list of favorite words, then we traded lists, and wrote about a word from another's list. The word she chose was violets.

The scent of flowers evokes so many memories. Clover is the smell of rushing down a hillside, eyes closed, on a bike on a summer's day in England. Chrysanthemums are the scent of death- partly from D.H. Lawrence's short story " Odour of Chrysanthemums", but also from weekly visits to the cemetery. Mums lasted from week to week so were the graveside choice, at least in late summer and autumn.
Violets- the overpowering scent of sweet old ladies- talcum powder, cologne, breath mints and the Book of Ruth. I have my Mom's bible she received as a confirmation gift. The bible falls open to the Book of Ruth, where over sixty years ago Mom pressed a violet. What is the story contained in the faded colors of that long ago violet? A first love?
Violets- also the color of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes.
by Bev Wolff
April 27, 2007


  1. Beautiful. Also love the watercolor picture!

  2. So did she when she saw it posted last night. Thanks to Google images!


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