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I discovered this blog a few weeks ago, but today marks the first time I will participate. Each week, around Friday or Saturday, the CEO's at Sunday Scribblings give a prompt for people around the world to write about. The writer then lets the CEO's know s/he has written a piece and the Bosses publish a link to the writer's blog. Check out Sunday Scribblings here. The topic this week is “In the News.”

I teach in a community that doesn’t have a newspaper. People rely on other means of communication to find out what has happened or to pass on important news. There are community members that subscribe the Spokesman-Review each day from Spokane, WA ( the closest city). Another town about forty miles away does a weekly newspaper that covers some news from the community. Mostly people rely on the following ways to get local news:
-The bulletin board at the Post Office If somebody dies or there is an important event, it is posted at the Post Office. Most people come and pick up their mail each day so news is spread quickly.
- Donation jars at the store If there is a funeral, somebody has had an accident, or a community member needs help there is a donation jar at the checkout counter at the stores with a sign. This serves as an effective news tool. There are only two stores in town.
-A reader board at the school This keeps people informed of events that happen at the school, which it is very helpful for community members that no longer have children in school.
-Word-of-mouth This gets very interesting. There are times when I have heard three different versions of an event before ten o’clock in the morning. I wouldn’t say events are always treated like gossip, but they do seem to take on a life of their own by the time all the facts are straight. This "word-of-mouth" be done through conversation or email.

I find these methods of getting the news work well in this community. People care about the well-being of each other and many have lived and worked together for years so it is important news is passed around to everyone. I went to school this morning and within five minutes learned the sad news of the death of a community member. I also learned how she died, when the funeral will be held, and where the dinner will be after the services.
This form of communication takes me back to a simpler time before instant CNN Headline News and news 24-7 on your web browser. It may not be quite like the picture above, but it is meaningful and personal. Sunday Scribblings is worth a visit. Even if you don't choose to write to the topic of the week, there are excellent posts by other bloggers around the world to read and enjoy.

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