Small Celebrations in Gardening

I return to gardening year after year because of the small celebrations each and every day. It doesn't matter the size of your garden or what you choose to plant, there are always changes, surprises and celebrations on a daily basis.

I am not a life-long gardener. I pulled weeds growing up sometimes. I appreciated the beauty of the flowers in my grandmothers' gardens. Fresh vegetables were a special treat when we visited relatives' houses that had gardens. I dabbled with containers and annuals early in my adult life. It wasn't until after I turned forty and moved to where I live now that I took on gardening as a yearlong passion.

Early in the week I celebrated the rhubarb. Our rhubarb is always hardy, but this plant creates a beautiful leaf color that brightens up the garden border. Yesterday I celebrated green onions. These remained in the garden last fall and JEJ harvested them yesterday before he tilled the garden. What a surprise to come home to the fresh smell of newly harvested vegetables .

Today I have two things to celebrate. One is the ritual of seed planting. The first vegetable seeds were finally sowed today because the weather has cooperated! They were placed in organized rows with markers. JEJ is in charge of the vegetables. He did his own sketch of this garden plot. The second small celebration was the blue sky and sunshine. It only takes a few days of weather that warms up in the afternoon to bring tulips and azaleas to life.

Another reason to celebrate gardening is that it trains you to pay attention. Each day I do a garden tour and know I will observe new growth, grieve over a lost rose, or celebrate the birth of a returning plant. These small celebrations give this gardener much to look forward to each day.

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  1. I can so relate to your thoughts. I haven't dared completely uncover the roses yet, but I'm becoming so impatient! You're right though, it only takes a few days of warm afternoons to have those plants springing to life. It'll get here eventually. Yes, gardening sure trains us pay attention!
    Our vege garden is still way too wet to plant, and the soil is still much too cold. And anyway, who'd want to get out there in these cold temps? We're supposed to get yet another snow storm tomorrow! Argh! Hope it's better over there.


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