Sibling Assignment #19: Twenty Ways You Know You Grew Up In Kellogg, Idaho

A blogging friend Mommy Dearest posted Are You Real Athol?, here, and so Silver Valley Girl decided that she and Raymond Pert and I should write a similar list about our hometown of Kellogg, Idaho for our Weekly Sibling Assignment. Here are my twenty:
1. You remember that when the ski resort was first built it was called Jackass Ski Bowl. You saw sweatshirts with a jackass and thought it was funny to say the town was discovered by a jackass. Then the resort was Silverhorn and now Silver Mountain.

2. You can find Vergobbi Gulch, Elizabeth Park, Montgomery Gulch, Little Italy, Sunset Heights, Wardner, Ross Ranch, Sunnyside, Rose Hill, Milo Creek, Haystack Peak, and Teddy Street.

3. When Kellogg had Crazy Days in July you and flocks of other women rifled through the tables at Patano’s Clothing Store to buy Jantzen sportswear at “crazy” prices.

4. You have watched a football game from Tony’s porch.

5. You remember raking leaves into the street in the fall, having your dad light them on fire, and carrying that smoky smell back into the house on your jacket.

6. You rode your bike to the new pool and didn’t have to remember your green bag number. They had brass pins you wore on your suit to help you remember. Later you could stop at the Circle K and get a treat for the way home.

7. You went to elementary school at the old Sunnyside School before the big smiley face guy with sunglasses moved to the roof when Dave Smith Motors bought the building.

8. You sledded down Chestnut Hill starting all the way at the top and flying down to Mission Avenue.

9. You grew up with the phrases “Lead Creek”, “Smelter Smoke”, and “Polio Pond.”

10. You ordered food to go at the Miner’s Hat, The Boat, and the S&R Drive In. At the S&R they put the burgers in a Wonder Bread cardboard bun holder with the fries in the bottom. At the Boat and the Miner’s Hat they brought your order on a tray that hooked to your car window. 11. You can remember the location of Sass Jewelry ( bonus points for both locations), Western Auto, Al’s Cleaners, Safeway, Blackwell Printing, The Rock Motel, the Shoe Box, Weber Bank, Donna’s, the original Greyhound Bus Depot, Pleasant Homes, and Kellogg Billiards.

12. You remember the old junior high at the corner of Division and Main before it was torn down and the students moved to the present location by the overpass. The kindergarten class was in the basement and the teachers could smoke upstairs in the lounge.

13. You bought penny candy at Walden’s, Swanson’s, Donnie’s, Pat’s Grocery, and Ben Franklin. It was cool to smoke candy cigarettes.

14.You remember the burning sensation in your throat every morning and some days the haze from the Smelter Smoke kept you from seeing much below the third floor of the high school.

15. You made a wish and threw pennies in Jacob’s Creek in the breezeway at Kellogg High School.

16. You remember the Rena Theater when the line coiled around the Superior Dairy for a Friday night showing of a Jerry Lewis movie.

17. You did the best slow dance at a Northwest Metals dance to “Cherish” by the Association.

18. You attended the Sunnyside School Chili Feed, the Oyster Feed at the United Church, the pasty feed at the Elks, and had Silver King PTA Sloppy Joes at Frontier Days.

19. You have marched, threw candy from a float, drove a car, sat on a horse, rode a bicycle or stood on the street at an Elk’s Round-Up Parade.

20. You are glad you live close enough now to drive down for the week-end so you can keep the memories of Kellogg fresh in your mind.


  1. Okay, been to SVG, RP's now here! Fun!
    It's still Jackass.
    Played in games viewed from the Porch, and wished I was up there.
    Lead Creek, isn't all water gray?
    The Boat-yep.
    Played b-ball in the "Old Jr. High"
    Smelter Smoke--everyday, through the big glass windows at KHS.
    Rena Theater-"The Graduate"
    Frontier Days-beer
    Wondered why all the pocket change was in the creek at the breezeway. Supplemented my teachers salary.Ha!

  2. e.h.
    It is amazing to go up to the second or third floor at KHS now and look at the view around the school and below Jacob's Gulch. It is beautiful and your throat doesn't burn!

  3. Good memories. . .Crazy Days, Northwest dances, Kellogg Pool, the old Kellogg Jr. High, burning in your throat. . .those were some days.

  4. Hi Pinehurst... thanks for stopping in. This was a fun list to do. I could have probably done 20 more! Thanks also for the comment on the jam. It was interesting after having the jam in the freezer.. the plums had a bit of a different taste. I still really liked it. Now I guess I will have to defrost. :(


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