Same Time Every Year: A Community of Learners

A group of educators gather the same time each year at a leadership retreat in Spokane for the Northwest Inland Writing Project. Tomorrow I have the opportunity to spend two glorious days with men and women that share my passion for writing, reading, and thinking. As a group we spend time at this retreat planning gatherings for teachers and students that share our passion for literacy. I always love this week-end. We work long hours as we research writing instruction, discuss best practices, and craft workshops late into the evening each day. I love this community of learners. As an organization we offer a summer institute through the University of Idaho in the summer. We also provide Young Authors' Conferences at two sites, a writing retreat in June in McCall, Idaho, a spring conference for teachers, and ongoing inservice throughout the year. I communicate with many of these people throughout the year via email, quick conversations at conferences, and over the phone. This week-end is that one time of year we push up our sleeves and focus on ourselves as writers and teachers of writing all in a room together. I love the challenge. As I pack up my professional books, journals, laptop, and some goodies to share I am ready to be invigorated intellectually and inspired creatively. For more information about the Northwest Inland Writing Project go here. For information on the National Writing Project go here. In conjunction with the University of Idaho both are important partners with school districts to provide effective writing training for teachers in northern Idaho and eastern Washington.

Traveling to the " big city" means I also get to squeeze in a Starbuck's coffee drink, a visit to my favorite bookstore, and trips to a few nurseries looking at roses and bedding plants. I am giddy thinking of all I have to look forward to. I will keep you "posted" on my week-end full of learning, conversation, coffee, books, and plants.

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  1. Sounds fantastic! I love doing writing retreats! Right now, I am in Newport on an administrative retreat. We toured The Beechwood (Astor's summer "cottage") this afternoon. It was amazing! I'll post about it tomorrow. Enjoy your retreat!


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