Rooted In This Place We Call Home

Sunday Scribbling prompt this week is rooted.
Love is like a tree, it grows of its own accord, it puts down deep roots into our whole being." Victor Hugo

My first thought was trees when I read the prompt rooted. When I moved to my current home the trees that surrounded my house were mostly pine that were left when my area was turned into a housing community. I knew I wanted blooming trees planted in my new yard because I love the soft, pastel colors of the flowering plum, crab apple, and dogwood. I never thought much about deciduous trees.

When JEJ and I were married nine years ago he mentioned frequently his love for deciduous trees. Because of jobs and other circumstances he had moved frequently in his adult live. At different homes he had planted a variety of trees, but never got to see them flourish into tall, rooted, mature trees. When he moved to our place he even transplanted his young trees. He couldn’t stand to leave them behind!

As we sat under a pine discussing future garden plans, he again spoke of his love for trees. That day we made up our minds to add those trees. I knew that JEJ was rooted in this place for many years. I wanted him to see trees that would transform sunny gardens into spots that would provide shade. In our planning we chose different types of maple trees so we could enjoy a spectrum of fall leaf colors. Other choices were mountain ash, locus, and fruit trees.

Our roots have been dug deeply in this place we call home. The trees have joined us and are thriving and maturing each year. We had dappled shade last summer and a gorgeous leaf display of color in the fall. We are eager to see what this gardening year brings.


  1. Hello Inland Empire Girl! I have just started Sunday Scribbling and I thought you might enjoy this little story.

    I live in Southwest France (originally from Olympia WA) and just met the American language assistant at my daughter's high school -- kind of an "Amity Aid" if you know what that is. I knew he was American but I asked him where he was from and he said:
    SPOKANE! (Where my father was born, to boot.)

    And then I found out his brother lives in OLYMPIA!

    Talk about small worlds.

    Nice blog BTW.

  2. It sounds like you have an incredible little spot on this planet. It sounds like you cherish it deeply.

  3. Your husband and mine should get together! His love for trees is almost weird! After the hurricanes down here and we lost so many, he couldn't even go into the back yard for the longest time...
    A wonderful post!

  4. What a beautiful reflection on the place that is your home and on your marriage. This is a great meditation.

  5. What a beautiful home, you celebrate it so well.
    Thankyou for Sunday scribblings as well, what a find this blog is!

  6. Thanks for writing and sharing this. How lovely it is. How lovely your homstead sounds.

  7. Trees are just wonderful!

  8. It has been so fun seeing your sunny spots turn into shady spots in your garden over the years. Wonderful tribute to JEJ and to his love of trees, as well as your home.

  9. Thanks for the comments. Even after writing this it has made me look closely at our trees, the roots!


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