Recycled, Gently Used, and a Room With a Different View

Our house is a small rambler in the country that is divided into two parts. There is the main living area, then a breezeway/ patio that connects the main house to another part which includes a room, bathroom, closet and a door to the garage. We always felt this breezeway was a wasted space because it was just there. Sometimes on a hot day it was cool there, but it was dark and unappealing. On cold winter mornings you have to sprint through to get to the only shower in the house. We had window boxes that blocked most of the view out the eastern side. My husband has done contracting work so he had a vision of what we could do with it. Even as we talked and planned, I couldn't picture the vision quite as easily. Being an experienced contractor he also knows how and where to find "recycled " and "gently used" materials. All of a sudden this spring we had free doors, windows, T-11 siding (notice the new vocabulary I have learned), a wood stove, and an industrious husband ready to begin the project. For a few weeks now he has been recreating this room. He gave me a heads up on the timeline of the project so I would have ample time to pick colors of paint. Experience has taught him that I can change my mind and waffle on that decision for months. We haven't named the room, but it will have a comfortable sitting area, plants, a place for a fire, and I will have a room with a different view. Now I can see his vision of the room coming to life. ( picture one is Shelby helping to frame the walls, picture two shows how he made the free windows and door fit, picture three is after a coat of paint, picture four is a view from out front facing the new door)


  1. Hello again, just read over your last few posts and I wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure to for me to read of your beautiful home with ramblers and breezeways(?!) in a country so far from mine. It is so different to my little Welsh life.You are a coffee break taste of Americana Thankyou

  2. Your new room is simply BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy it! Does it have a name yet? It looks like 'The Sunroom' to me!

  3. Sian- a rambler in the US is a one level, simple floor plan house. They are also called ranch houses. A breezway is an area the is partly enclosed, but a bit like a patio. Thanks for the kind words.
    Molly- good to hear from you.
    la tea dah- great idea for a name.
    Thanks to all of you for the sweet feedback.

  4. I still think doodle homes with their wooden boards look like wonderful summer houses to me :) I LOVE EM...........and Im so enjoying your blob...


  5. Thanks marmitetoasty- I have loved your comments on HBO each day!

  6. How lovely! You picked beautiful soft, serene colors. I love it! What a handy, sweet hubby you have.
    The serviceberry blossoms are so springy and pretty!
    I love reading the poetry you choose and especially like "All" by Leona Gom.
    The writing retreat sounds like such fun. Have a wonderful weekend!


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