National Poetry Month #27: Jump Rope Rhymes

When I found these rhymes in a book entitled And the Green Grass Grew All Around by Alvin Schwartz it took me back to the Sunnyside School playground, the long jump rope, and these chants. Of course we did these after we chanted, “Third graders on the other side.”
Fudge, fudge, tell the judge
Mama’s had a baby!
It’s a boy, full of joy,
Papa’s going crazy!
How many kisses did he give it?

Down by the river where the green grass grows
There sat Mary (fill in your own) sweet as a rose,
Along came Johnny ( again, fill in your own) and kissed her on the nose.
How many kisses did she get?

Sam and Joan (fill in names) sitting in a tree
First came love, then came marriage,
Then came Joan with a baby carriage.


  1. Oh my gosh, how could I forget "third graders on the other side"!!! Boy, does that take me back. The jumprope rhyme I remember playing the most were school, where each grade was a different type of jump, and "blue bells, cockle shells". And I remember finally learning how to do double dutch on the Sunnyside playground.

  2. Yes, I remember the school one also. I don't think I ever learned double dutch.

  3. What fun. Brings back memories...:)


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