National Poetry Month #23: Post #100

When I began my blog on February 11,2007 my goal was to post each day. I surpassed my goal and reached a milestone today. Enjoy post #100!Yard Sale

Gold-plate goblets freckled
with tarnish, disconsolate
pajamas, infant shoes, curling
irons, somebody’s ancient

block flute, a candlestick grove,
bakelite coasters, egg poachers,
7 rubber sandals. Scruffy dolls
and accessories, board games

from whose battered boxes
children still look up with glee.
Two bald lamps, a basketball
and dumbbells, a toaster’s chrome

full of early leaves, and tilted
like a grimy satellite inside
a crate, a two-stroke engine.
Now at last admitted to my

neighbor’s back lawn, which
I’ve longed to cut across for years.
I see a tuft of grass and violets,
violets, growing, up in that
elm’s clavicle, a little island
world in the air, where the trunk
divides. I wouldn’t know how
to tell her of the delight I find

in this. But I think I’ll buy that
small stack of teaspoons, just
so I can linger, picking up this
language, whose every word has

finally toppled over in one case
or tense or mood. Everything as is.

- Robert Farnsworth


  1. This is just what my violets look like. I wish they would say like this until October!

  2. Cripes you did good :) - I didnt start mine until 23 Feb.... but I dont post everyday....... my first post was - *Bare With Me or Bare Ya Bum, I Dont Mind Which...*

    I love those little violets..... I love the ones we have here called 'freckles' little spotted ones.....


  3. Very happy 100th post! Isn't it addicting? And what a great way to express ourselves and practice skills that we may not use frequently otherwise (er, well, teachers should be using them. . .but. . .). I love blogging!

  4. I am with you JBelle-it is the very beautiful ones that leave us early in our planting season.
    M.T. I have those freckles plants also...they come up in a few weeks. I'll post a picture.
    Thanks la tea dah... and you are right, it is addicting and I am practicing skills.

  5. dillybar24.4.07

    Did you drink all the wine from the bottles for all those corks? Stumbled upon pert's blog, couldn't miss saying hello from the land of brown. Soft Vanilla is still the favorite flavor. tierney

  6. Hi dillybar:
    I think I did drink all that wine,but I am sure I started on the collection in 1980(:. I am glad soft vanilla is still a big hit. I do miss parts of the land of brown. I am glad you found us stumbling in blog land.


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