National Poetry Month #21

The Christmas Cactus

All during the Christmas rush
I waited for the thing to come alive.
Eyed it while I gift wrapped scarves,
By New Year's
I vowed to be happy
living with just stems.
Then one day in February-
the worst month of the year,
making up in misery what it lacks in length-
the blooms shot out,
three ragged cirise bells that rang
their tardy Hallelujahs on the sill.
Late bloomers,
like the girls that shine
and shine at long last
at the spring dance
from their corner of the gym.

-Liz Rosenberg

I love the idea of calling a Christmas Cactus a late bloomer. Ours has been no bloomer, late bloomer, and surprise bloomer. Ours has been renamed the Thanksgiving Cactus, Valentine Cactus, and St. Patrick's Cactus. They are beautiful plants, but have a calendar all their own.


  1. I also have trouble getting my Christmas cactus to bloom when it should (or at all)! This year it bloomed beautiful for Christmas, of all things!

    My friend, Tari, always has a blooming Christmas cactus. She says it requires complete darkness at night which promotes blooming at the right time. I have yet to try it (too many night lights).

  2. They will bloom Thanksgiving/Christmas or Easter. I have both. They're wonderful. sigh. I have one of
    my husband's mother's cactuses. wonderful.

  3. Gurss what! Today JEJ came in and said we have one blooming... what now... Earth Day Cactus! LOL


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