The Forgotten Plants and Spring Gardening Notes to Self

As the gardens begin to come to life each spring I have surprises every day. No matter how many garden journals I attempt, or how many notes I keep, during the winter season I just forget what I have planted. Each day now I go out and have this inner dialogue like this: " That's right, I planted tulips there in the fall." "Wow! When did we get that peony and plant it there." "Oh... that's right. We moved the plants in front of the hostas last fall and need something new there." It creates a sense of childlike wonder, but it is really pathetic!

Every single year... my gardening memory is like an annual plant. The seed is planted in the spring, it warms up and sprouts as the weather gets warmer, and finally by June my memory springs to full life. Now that I have a digital camera I do plan to keep better track of when things bloom and where they are located to assist in my annual winter memory loss.
Last year I reminded myself to dig up the tulips that never bloomed. They just sat in the bed with sick looking leaves all spring. Guess what? The same sick leaves are out there right now. I know those bulbs won't bloom. I also remembered some small spring bulbs were hidden behind bigger plants and I needed to move them after they bloomed. You are starting to catch on... they will be hidden soon.
As a gardener I always have good intentions. Right now is a good time to study the "bones" of your garden. Just as things are leafing out you can decide what needs to be divided, what should be moved after it blooms, and what is just a nuisance plant and needs to go. It is also easier to see ground covers that have run wild, weeds that have taken on a life of their own, and roses that need to be pruned.
I like this month in the garden beds. It is that birth of the gardening season. Plants change overnight and the colors shift each day. My gardens have already moved from brown to green to yellow. Now the weather needs to warm up! It was 28 degrees this morning.
Spring Gardening Notes to Self:
1.Take pictures of garden beds at different stages.
2.Dig up tulip plants that didn't ever bloom!
3.Mark a day soon to pull weeds. Fortify self with good coffee, chocolate, and deep breathing.
4.Just use common sense on pruning roses. ( I have read articles, studied pictures, researched online and there are many different opinions on pruning roses. The common thread is to cut out the dead stuff).
5. Visualize what each garden bed will look like in five weeks ( this is when my gardening brain will be in full bloom) and plan placement of annual seeds or plants.
6. Cook a favorite breakfast for husband JEJ before announcing that it is plant/shrub/tree rearranging day.
7. Harvest flowers just before they open so they last longer in the house.
8. Use sunscreen.
My gardening memory continues to germinate. I can't wait until May!

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