Disasters, Fiascoes, and the Most Secure House in the Silver Valley

As I said yesterday, disaster always follows me when I return to my hometown of Kellogg, Idaho for a visit. The rest of yesterday was uneventful, but today was another story. My sister has never been locked out of her house. Today when I went to pick her up to go out to breakfast she unknowingly locked herself out of the house. There is a door in the garage they never lock. She did last night ( I guess because I was there to bring disaster). When we arrived back from breakfast we tried every door into the house. We also tried every window. Everything was locked up tight. Next we tried tools. (Now remember, this was the team that couldn't find the spare or the rod to fix the tire yesterday). We called my husband for advice and he said it would be cheaper to call a locksmith than break down a door or window. Thank God. Picturing the two of us trying to crash through a window or knock down a door was not a picture I wanted in my head. SilverValleyGirl called a friend that knew a locksmith. Low and behold... Dave Smith Motors not only sells a jillion cars each year in Kellogg... they have a locksmith. After unsuccessfully working with all the doors for thirty minutes with his collection of tools, he finally found a door he could open. I feel safe now knowing my sister has the most secure house in The Silver Valley. At that point I thought I had better just drive away and head for Lake Roosevelt before a wall crashed down or a shower overflowed. (I was relieved she had wireless. At least I could check in on Huckleberries Online while waiting for the locksmith to " do his thing" at the door.)

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  1. Great pictures. Very interesting. I also lose my keys very often and I'm thinking maybe become a locksmith? There are several skills that are prerequisites to becoming a professional locksmith; excellent manual dexterity, an interest in mechanical and electronic gadgetry, good communications/public relations, maths and possibly some carpentry skills are all assets.


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