Disasters, Fiascoes, and A Blizzard in Kellogg

Every time I come to Kellogg to visit disaster follows me. One time I pulled out the drawer in my mom's refrigerator and it fell out and it took a complete rearrangement of the kitchen to fix it. Another time the sink plugged up just as we were trying to prepare a holiday dinner. Other fiascoes have included coffee going on the counter and into a drawer instead of the pot, dropping stuff on the floor and breaking it, and tripping over dog water dishes and flooding the kitchen.

Today was no exception. Mom and I were helping my sister today with spring cleaning. The day started out normal. I was getting recycled stuff ready when I noticed the tire on the pickup had a flat. Mom called AAA while I took stuff to the recycle bins. When I returned for some reason I left my car running. I think I was going to ask if I needed to move it. Fortunately that fiasco only lasted about ten minutes. The next disaster was when I picked up a bag of debris and soil that had sat in a garbage can all winter. It had that "stinky water that has sat too long" smell which went on my pants, shoes, and hands. It was nasty. When I came in the house Mom thought a dog had an accident. Oh no.... it was just Calamity Inland Empire Girl.

When the guy arrived with the tow truck he couldn't find the rod to change the tire. Of course we didn't even know where the spare was. He towed the truck to Les Schwab.

I tried all afternoon to get the horrible water smell off my hands, but that may be a longer process.
We got a call... the pickup was ready. When we went to get it we had a freak blizzard. Mom was walking to the car, then realized she forgot her purse and had to go back in the house. As we pulled out my low fuel light came on. Ummmm, big surprise. We arrived at Les Schwab, they went to get the pickup, I went next door to get gas, and we all survived. Of course, it is only five o'clock. A lot can happen before I go to bed tonight. Stay tuned!


  1. Which large appliance blew on which major holiday that time? Was it the oven on Thanksgiving? The refrigerator on Christmas? The fridge/thanksgiving? the oven at Christmas?

    I remember the emotion of it, but not the facts.


  2. Whew, you're a regular Joe Btfsplk! Does this happen wherever you go or just when you go to Kellogg? I ask in case I ever want to offer you some perennials. :)

  3. It really does seem to be just going to Kellogg. Go figure!


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