Top Ten Reasons for Doing Spring Cleaning Today

10. I have so many cleaning supplies some of them may go bad if I don't use them.
9. The dust bunnies started having babies under the bed.
8. When the ceiling fan was going it caused a freak mini-tornado.
7. We wanted to see the scores on the T.V. screen during the Oregon game. ( Go Ducks!)
6. Spring came this week...isn't that when you do spring cleaning?
5. We read we could save energy by cleaning the coils on the frig... now where are they?
4. It was time to find those muscles I haven't used since last spring cleaning.
3. We want to enjoy sunlight through the window instead of doggy nose prints.
2. Because the house needed it.
1.When done with Day One it gave me a reason to celebrate with fruit, cheese,and a glass of merlot . Wine is good for the heart, right?

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