Shelby and Scarlet: Separated at Birth

My blog friend at gracioushospitality posted a picture of her friend's dog Scarlet on March 19th under the title Desert Wishes. There are also pictures on March 20th under More Desert Beauty. Scarlet is a red heeler just like our Shelby. JEJ believes they have to be related. I will have to investigate where her friend's dog came from. Australian Cattle Dogs are herding dogs and make wonderful, loyal pets. Gracious had the same thoughts about Scarlet. Shelby's only jobs are herding her Springer buddy Annie and the cats. I think it keeps her pretty busy. Go check out Scarlet. Could they be separated at birth?


  1. Shelby is beautiful! I will ask Tari where they bought Scarlet. I believe it was in the Touchet or Lowden area --- although Tari works in Spokane, so it could be someplace near you. How old is Shelbie? Very pretty dog!

  2. Shelby is three years old and came from a woman living on a farm in Summit Valley which is close to Chewelah which is north of Spokane. She is a pretty dog.

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  4. There is definitely a resemblance!


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