A Post for Annie: Another Springer Chapter In My Life

Annie is our English Springer Spaniel. She also thought she should get a post. Are you starting to draw a conclusion that we don't have children, but our dogs are "our kids"? Annie came to live with us a year after Shelby, making her two years old. My first springer Nikki had died in 1996. She was my first dog as an adult and was there with me during the best of times, times of loss, moving on times, and sad times. She was loyal, smart, and my best friend. I kept telling people I would never get another springer because Nikki could not be replaced.

Two years ago after another older dog of ours had died I knew I was ready to research dog breeds again. I began looking on PetFinder.com, reading ads, and checking breeds in dog books. I knew I wanted a mid-sized dog. We didn't think we could handle two herding dogs, so a few breeds fell off my list. One Saturday in January I was scanning the ads in the Spokesman and spotted one for liver and white springer spaniel puppies. As I read it to JEJ he turned to me and said," I think you really want one of those puppies. Why don't you call?" When I called the breeder in Garfield, Washington I found a kindred spirit. She told me how much she loved springers. Her voice bubbled with enthusiasm when she described the puppies and their personalities. She explained information about the mother and father dogs. I also learned in that conversation that she was also a teacher. "Why don't you come see them?" she encouraged. It was one of those snap decision moments. " We will be there tomorrow." I knew if we drove that far in a snowstorm I would take home a puppy.

It was easy to pick Annie from the litter. She tugged at my heart as she gazed at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Shelby bonded with her instantly also as we got her set up in the car. She didn't like the movement or the carrier so I wrapped her in a towel and held her on my chest close to my heart the whole way home. As she slept I knew I had made a good decision. I have never regretted it.

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