Oh,What A Beautiful Morning!

I haven't always been a morning person. I fell into the night owl category for years. I remember watching David Letterman’s Top Ten List, reading a novel until after midnight, and often staying out late with friends or family. I don’t know if it is age, my environment, or adjusting to my mate’s sleeping patterns, but I have become a morning person. Now I appreciate and embrace morning. Some days I don’t even need to set the alarm. Between the sun rising above the mountain across the lake, the dogs stirring, and the smell of coffee as the automatic timer kicks it on- it is easy now to get up early. Being outdoors is a guilty pleasure in the morning. As the weather continues to warm up all I need is a hot cup of coffee, a sweatshirt for warmth, and brown crocs to keep my feet dry. I enjoy the melodies of birds and the gentle sound of chimes as I tour the gardens. Morning is a time for thoughtful meditation and prayer. It is also my time to put down words to paper. Fresh ideas, fresh air, and fresh coffee work well for me. Yes, I have given up those late night habits (most of the time). I do miss Dave and midnight conversations with friends. Weekdays I still need to shift gears and organize myself for work in the morning. Before I do that I pause, look at the sky, and give thanks for the beauty of the earth.

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  1. I, too, adjusted to my mate's sleeping patterns, but in my case that means staying up a lot later and dragging myself out of bed barely conscious in the mornings.

    Maybe I can negotiate a better deal?


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