Can Birds and Cats Live In Harmony?

We suffer a dilemma at our house. We enjoy birds in our yard, but we also love our cats. Is it fair to feed birds knowing you have six cats lurking about with a mission in life that has to do with birds? Looking at the pictures above you will see that we have done everything we can to accommodate the birds. I didn't even realize until today that JEJ had moved a birdhouse way up on a TV antenna that is not used any more just to help the birds. The red house represents the home of a family of starlings that come back every year. We used to have a pair of bluebirds that always returned to one certain birdhouse, but a cat crawled up their post one time and they were long gone. They still return, but to a different, safer place. We try to balance the critters in our yard, but sometimes it is a challenge.


  1. Inlandempiregirl,
    If this shows up as a repeat, I am sorry. I don't know if the first one went through. Old and slow, not just me, but my computer too. Thanks for leaving your comment on Mrs. H. Your gatherings sound great. Good for you guys. I am glad your husband enjoyed the p.m. article. It is much more fun reading about it than it was going through it. I truly am a big fan of the Rose Lake Search and Rescue! Best Regards.

  2. If you put Marmite in the cats'food bowl, their breath will make it impossible for them to sneak up on the birds.

  3. I like Raymond's suggestion. Maybe mix in some garlic, too. I've always had this "survival of the fittest" attitude when it comes to birds vs. cats in the backyard. We had tons of stray cats stalking our backyard in Midtown CdA and the birds were hesitant. But the ones that did make our backyard their home were tough birds. And that made them so much cooler.

  4. Starr... thanks for the comment. I also have an article right here above me on the b. board of Mrs. H. from the NewsPress. She was a good choice for a lesson I did with my students on " a person that made a difference".
    Raymond Pert... thanks for the tip for the cats. Personally, I don't think their breath could get worse.
    Mommy Dearest.... yes, the starlings are our survivors. If the cats hear the water being turned on or see JEJ grab the hose, they are off that tree. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Since housecats are not native to America, they should not be allowed to run free outside. The bird population, especially perching and migrating birds, is getting lower every year - and outside cats are one of their worst enemies. Please help contribute to the bird's wellbeing and our children's right to see the same lovely species we do - and keep all cats indoors. It's better for the cat's health - and it is necessary to protect what is left of habitat for the birds.


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