A Space for Inspiration

Writers desire a space for inspiration- that place the writer can imagine, remember, ponder, and draft. For some writers it is surrounding themselves with items of remembrance. I am drawn to a bentwood chair in front of an outdoor fireplace. Often writers find a room with a view or a window facing the morning sun. An old typewriter, an antique pen or a special pad of paper provide writing tools that inspire others. Music can also set the atmosphere. For me, this space above provides inspiration as I recount slices of everyday life and examine the common threads that connect time and place.
“Memory is an aspect of imagination. For writing, memory is one of your most important tools. But you don’t need an excellent memory to use it well. A single phrase, an image, a fragment of a story, one object from the past is enough to spark the creative, intuitive mind. Especially rich are incidents and images stored away that you aren’t sure ever actually occurred; dreams or stories someone has spoken of so many times that they’re engraved as past realities. No matter what their source may be, memories are doorways to new pieces of writing. Memory is like muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. One memory sparks another. Each time you write from memory, another fragment filed in that ninety percent of the human brain that science doesn’t understand slips into consciousness and a creative shift takes place.”
Bonni Goldberg from Room to Write

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