Back to My Hometown

When I head back to my hometown of Kellogg, Idaho I travel a familiar route that takes me through our beautiful Inland Empire. While cruising south on Highway 395, I know I am getting closer to Spokane County when I drive by the Clayton Burger in Clayton, Washington. This landmark means I am almost to the shortcut turnoff. As I weave through the north end of the county, I see the signs to Green Bluff, the new roundabout, and miles of fields ready to sprout. The I-90 corridor leads me back to Idaho. I enjoy the sunset in Coeur d'Alene. I smell the evergreens in Fourth of July Canyon. Further down the freeway the Catado Mission is like a beacon on the hill by the Coeur d'Alene River. The highway straightens out as I come to the Smelterville Flats, and soon I see the exit that has taken me off the freeway thousands of times before. As I drive into town I am reminded of the changes that have taken place in my Kellogg. The hospital at Jacob's Gulch has recently been replaced by a new one. Turnbow's motel has been torn down and a McDonald's and a gas station have taken it's place. The A&W is gone. A nice latte stand was moved and a Subway went in. When I turn the corner on old Highway 10, I can see the porch light down the block at my childhood home. Mom was waiting with dinner. I'm back in my hometown.

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