Ahhhhh! Comfort Food!

March 1st was the red letter day. If I made it to March I thought I would conquer the cold season. Almost, but not quite. In about an hour's time Friday, March 2nd after I arrived home from school my throat began to ache. Soon the body aches started, then the cough, and before I knew it a full-blown cold had settled in. There were two things I sent JEJ to town for. My two comfort foods for the common cold are tomato soup and lemon drops. I go through my chicken noodle soup phases, but right now it is thick, canned tomato soup with buttered saltines that provide comfort. Adding a lemon drop for the sore throat almost made me forget I was sick. Ahhhhhhhhchoooo! Not quite!


  1. One word: Marmite!

    You love or you hate it.

    The ultimate comfort food!

  2. I can't wait to spend time with my friend from England this week-end at the conference and get her take on Marmite!

  3. She'll either love it or hate it...according to the Brits, there's no in between!


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