I Want To Be A Cat For Just A Day

Many people have created two distinct categories... dog people and cat people. I have seen quizzes and even books dedicated to these subjects. Up until I met my husband I was only a dog person. I didn't really get cats. My husband is the ultimate cat whisperer. A mean old yellow tom cat could jump in his lap and purr. I think cats have a good feel for calm people. That is my husband. Many days that is not me.
Now that I have learned to live with and appreciate cats (we have six) I envy the cat lifestyle. Today when I came home from a stressful day at school I watched one of our cats and thought, "That is what I wish I could have been doing today. Sleeping, sitting in the lap of the cat whisperer, strolling outside, grabbing a bite to eat , gazing at birds, grooming the dogs, sleeping, stretching, rolling around on the couch, sitting in the window and admiring Lake Roosevelt, then sitting again in another lap. "
Yes, I want to be a cat for just one day. The cat above is Lily. She came with her brother Sweet William last March from a friend that couldn't keep them.

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